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How to Find Heirloom Tomato Plants for Sale

Have you ever seen pictures of heirloom tomato plants for sale in a catalog? If so, then you have probably tried to grow them yourself. There are many varieties and sizes of these delicious fruits that it is almost impossible to try and grow them all at home. But by following a few simple tomato […]

Tomato Cages – Spiral Tomato Stakes

Spiral tomato stakes are designed for outdoor flowering plants such as the tomato plant. The sturdy spiral tomato stakes are perfect for hanging multiple baskets of fresh tomatoes or herbs. They’re great for growing taller more mature plants in large hanging baskets since they won’t fall over and also they’re great for preventing tomato plant […]

Tips on Growing Tomatoes in Your Garden

tomato gardening can be an enjoyable pastime, but it takes some know how to make sure you get the best results from each tomato variety. For the most part, tomato varieties can be split into two groups – indeterminate or determinate. Knowing the difference between determinate and indeterminate tomato varieties might be the biggest decision […]

How to Find the Best Vegetable Seeds Online

When you are looking for the best vegetables, you want to get the freshest and highest quality produce possible. It’s a process that often takes extra time than you might like. However, the rewards can be great. You’ll have a whole garden all year round, rather than just during the summer months. Finding the best […]

How to Use Your Garden to Grow Companion Plants

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is often thought of as a “companion plant.” Unlike its siblings, however, basil doesn’t take up much of the household time. So, it’s important to know that basil companionship plants work best with each other to ensure optimal indoor plant growth. This is a guide of 7 ideal basil companion plants to […]

Great Tomato Tree Planting Tips

Whether you’re planting for pleasure or for profit, the tomato tree is a highly rewarding plant. And with the tomato tree, there’s no need to be a trained gardener to succeed. The tomato tree grows well in all kinds of soils, so you won’t have any problem planting it where you want it. In addition, […]

Miracle Gro Organic Plant Food Review – What You Should Know Before Buying

Astonishing results, time after time, has been the mission of wonder-grub performance organic gardening tips. Granules of wonder-grub contains vital nutrients that help your plants to thrive better. All-natural, organic gardening tips offer many tips and tricks about how to plant organic garden. Miracle-grub performance granules brings the amazing miracle-grub results you’re looking for with […]

Composting Your Lawn

If you have always wanted to try your hand at container gardening but were afraid that you just don’t have the time, fear not! You can learn how to plant an organic garden with this amazing Miracle Gro Organic Potting soil. Get the tried and true tips from the pros and start feeling good about […]

How to Grow Vines Using a Trellis

Vine vegetables, also known as “bean carrots” and “pumpkins” have long been popular with amateur gardeners. A beautiful, attractive plant that can add a great deal to your landscaping and garden design, these plants are easy to grow from seed or from cuttings. Here are some very helpful home vegetable garden tips on how to […]