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Raise Your Vegetable Garden Bed

For vegetable gardeners, the beginning of the year means the beginning of another growing season. The increasing popularity of raised vegetable beds has grown tremendously over recent years, but why? Why have so many gardeners turned to raising their own vegetables? There are several major reasons that this alternative method of gardening is gaining in […]

See Details of the Different Types of Fertilizers

Liquid vegetable fertilizer is a wonderful addition to any garden. As the name suggests, it’s a liquid that you can apply directly to your garden soil. This type of fertilizer provides your plants with all the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and thriving. Liquid fertilizers are available in a wide variety of different […]

Cucumber Trellis Ideas

When it comes to the different varieties of cucumber, you’ll need to know that there are basically two kinds of cucumbers: vining and bush. There are a few other varieties, but for this article, we will stick with the two main ones: the bush cucumber and the trunk cucumber. While there are a few others […]

How To Protect Your Bush Beans Plant From Bean Pests

There are two kinds of legumes: pole beans vs. bush beans. Find out which is the right type to plant, how to grow beans properly and get useful tips for harvesting the beans as well. Both varieties of beans are members of the annual bean family and come in the wax bean family. They have […]

Hydroponics Gardening – The Different Types of Systems

If you wish to grow hydroponic vegetables year round, hydroponic is the ideal option for you. As a hydroponic gardener you are able to cultivate plants by maintaining a perfect growing environment and monitoring various variables such as light, nutrients, temperature, pH level, and moisture for the system of growing vegetables. A home vegetable garden […]

Mint Plant Seeds – How to Grow Your Own Plants Indoors and Outdoors

Have you ever tried growing mint plant from seed? If not, then you probably have no idea on the complexity of growing such plants. Mint is one very popular plant but it will only bloom if you can provide the right kind of environment and also provide good potting soil. Mint is one of the […]

The Basics of Building a Roofed Vegetable Garden

One of the most exciting ways to eat healthy is to grow your own vegetables in a rooftop garden. However, there are many vegetable gardening tips that can help you avoid common mistakes that people new to home vegetable gardening often make. With that in mind, I have assembled some of the best rooftop vegetable […]

Designing a Small Vegetable Garden Layout

If you want to start growing your own vegetables, you will need to find a good small vegetable garden layout plan that will help you achieve this goal. This is where a small vegetable garden plan can help you. Your plan should include space requirements for the size of your home vegetable garden and a […]

How to Choose the Five Most Important Vegetables to Grow in Garden Beds – Easy Gardening Tips

Some vegetables are easier to grow than others. Some vegetables grow better in some climates than in others. Some vegetables have more nutritional value than others. And some vegetables just taste better! Knowing how to grow vegetables will give you many opportunities for a more abundant harvest. But there is a right way and wrong […]

Indoor Gardening – How to Grow Herbs Indoors and Save Money

The first step in planting an indoor vegetable garden is choosing which vegetables you want to grow. Then choose a location for planting. Make sure it receives enough sunlight. Choose a pot that’s large enough for the amount of vegetables you plan to grow. You can use a gardening stand if your space allows it […]