Easy Outdoor Plants For Beginners

What’s easy for beginners in home gardening usually involves lots of fun activities involving easy outdoor plants for beginners. One of the easiest ways to grow many types of plants outdoors is to plant hostas. Just a quick look through home gardening guides will show you that hostas, or what are commonly called “marigolds”, are one of the easiest plants in which to grow. Also, another one of the most popular easy outdoor plant for beginners is the violet.

It doesn’t take much sun to provide the flowering and fruit-bearing plants with the essential nutrients that enable them to grow. Because they like a bit of partial shade, hostas and other marigolds will grow well in pots in the shade. Hostas can also be planted directly into the garden with the roots going down the walls of the pot and even directly into the ground. Another way to plant them is by putting cut flowers into a large pot, filling it with soil, spreading them out with a knife to allow good root support and covering them with a plastic bag tied around the base of the plant to keep soil from getting all over the cut flower. Cut flowers will usually not bloom for a few months but it is a worthwhile endeavor.

Another of the seven easy outdoor plants for beginners is thevet. Vigsardenias are another favorite among gardeners and are ideal for starting herb gardens or pot plants. While they like a little to moderate shade, vugs are very hardy and very resistant to drought or heat. They don’t usually need to be fertilized unless it’s during their growing season.

The third of the seven easy outdoor plants for beginners that just about everybody should have in a back yard is the ornamental grasses. Ornamental grasses and weeds both come in a variety of colors and are extremely hardy. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive. There are many varieties available; some are drought tolerant, while others prefer full sun. Most ornamental grasses and weeds are not insects and can live outdoors on a variety of soils.

The final of the seven easy outdoor plant for beginners we’ll discuss today is the partial shade garden. A partial shade garden is an area where the grasses are slightly taller than the foliage and they still require some sunshine, albeit not as much as shade plants would. For this type of gardening you need to know the height of your plants. You want them to be tall enough to get full exposure to sunlight but not so tall that they get lost in the grass. You can get different types of partial shade garden beds such as evergreens, blueberries, oases and others that are highly drought tolerant and also easy to maintain.

Of the seven easy outdoor plants for beginners that we have discussed, one is very simple to maintain and grow. This one is called the creeping wire plant. It comes in a variety of heights. Some of the varieties come with a trellis to provide support; others have no trellis at all. The creeping wire plants are very easy to maintain and grow; in fact some of them can be used as border plants along walls or in any other location where you would like to showcase some plants.

One of the easiest easy outdoor plants for beginners is a fern. You can buy ferns that are already flowering or you can purchase them later in the year. Ferns are very easy to look after and provide beautiful accents around borders, windowsills and decks. They are also drought tolerant plants. There are several species of ferns; some are hardy and can survive in dry spells and some require less water.

One of the easiest easy outdoor plants for beginners is a fountain. They come in several different sizes. You can get a small birdbath fountain which is great for attracting birds and other animals to your yard. You can find small fountains that are perfect for ponds, pools, and any area where you want to add an element of beauty. You can even find solar fountains that can be moved around so they are always in the most convenient place for you. Solar fountains need only be placed in the sun and water will flow through the water beads into the water.