Espoma Organic Fertilizer Lawn Starter – Is It Really The Best?

The Espoma Organic Fertilizer comes in a variety of forms. Available as a spray, granular, or liquid form, it is also widely known as a green eco-friendly fertilizer. The Espoma Organic Fertilizer can be used as a lawn starter by spraying onto the lawn and then left to sit. This method is very convenient and easy to do, but you can also use the product in the regular ways of fertilizing your garden.

The Espoma Organic Fertilizer works as a lawn stimulant, making it perfect if you’re looking for a natural fertilizer to add to your lawn or add to an existing lawn that’s dying out. With so many helpful properties, this organic fertilizer stands head and shoulders above the rest simply because of its all-natural organic ingredients that make it safe for your garden – just remember your children won’t… With no chemicals or fertilizers, you are simply eliminating the chemical additives found in commercial fertilizers. This means a healthier, happier environment for everyone who benefits from organic fertilizers.

The formula is formulated with proprietary bio-tone microbes that give it its non-burning, slow release nutrients. These non-burning, slow release nutrients are ideal for growing gardens and for regular use outside. It is also safe for any kind of vegetable, flowering plant or fruit tree, since it doesn’t produce toxic smoke. The granulated texture of the product makes it a simple matter to apply evenly on your lawn, thus eliminating the guesswork of applying it in thick layers.

The product works well as a ground cover, too, despite its non-burning, slow release property. It will attract earthworms that will eat away at the roots of your grass and weeds, so it provides a natural soil benefit without any additional mulching. You can use this organic fertilizer when your existing grass or weeds are growing too fast to feed off the existing root system. It also works great around the edges of your flower beds. Because it has a granular material, it can be used as an organic mulch, helping to conserve water and moisture in your yard.

As it is, the granulated texture of the proprietary bio-tone microbes provide a benefit that you don’t get with most commercial lawn starters, even the most expensive ones. This is a benefit that you get with no extra effort – simply follow the directions on the package and your lawn will be green and healthy from the get-go. That’s why it’s such a smart move to use Espoma organic fertilizer. It will get your lawn started with organic materials, and you’ll end up with a stronger, healthier plant with stronger root systems for years to come.

In fact, the incorporation of the granulated texture of the proprietary bio-tone microbes compliments the slow release property of the organic fertilizer. That means that it’s ready to work, even as soon as the first plant starts to grow. The slow release feature allows the soil to develop nutrients over the course of several months rather than all at once. As the plant grows, the granulated texture of the organic fertilizer helps the soil nutrients work deeper into the soil, providing a constant supply of top quality plant food ingredients for your plants. So instead of being a problem later, this slow release feature is actually a benefit to the health of your lawn.

What’s more, the granulated texture of the Espoma organic fertilizer also allows it to be used as a lawn starter. By allowing the nutrients to work deeper into the soil and stay there for several months, it creates a much better environment for the development of the lawn seeds and the roots that will grow those seeds. The slow release nature of the product also means that you don’t have to apply the fertilizer to the lawn very often – something that most people are doing with their conventional fertilizers. In fact, some companies recommend that their customers only fertilize their lawns every three or four years!

This slow release nature of the organic fertilizer is perfect for those who want to apply the product in small amounts over a long period. It’s also ideal for those who live in areas where it might be hard to find the slow release product. Finally, it is easy on the wallet, as it typically costs less than the average commercial brand of commercial fertilizer. And since it contains everything you need to make sure your lawn is healthy, well kept and green, it’s the perfect organic fertilizer lawn starter for any concerned gardener.