Gardening Made Easy: Choose the Right Starter Plants For Your Garden

With summer in full swing, it’s time to get out the gardening tools and start planning your summer garden. Summer gardens need careful planning and a bit of attention to detail. Summer planting can be beautiful this time of year, but care must be taken not to over-water. Check out this Home Gardening Tips article for some great summer gardening ideas. Get out that hoe, rake, shovel, and pickax and start digging.

Gardening Essentials: Eight Hands on garden plants at The Organic Teaching Garden makes it easy to get started with your own garden. Each plant has complete instructions with tips and tricks to help you succeed. Also available are a variety of starter plants and vegetable seeds that will make your home garden interesting. A gardening class of three is also offered in the spring. Ongoing weekly support through Facebook and email continues through out the year. Sample week gardens are available as well to help get you started.

Hints and Tips: Gardening Essentials has many hints and tips for those just starting out. Everything you ever needed to know about starting a garden can be found here, along with links to helpful gardening forums. A great place to go if you have trouble finding the right tools or gardening accessories.

Gardening on a Budget: With gardening kits and catalogs, there’s no need to break the bank when buying supplies for your home gardening project. Check out Home Gardening Tips, too, for ideas on getting the right tools and supplies for a new garden. These catalogs are very helpful in showing you exactly what kinds of plants are available at your local home improvement store, and what kinds are available from online sources. Local gardening stores can offer some varieties of exotic plants.

Gardening Tips: Gardening is much easier if you have the right tools and supplies, so read up on gardening tips. Save yourself time and frustration in researching which plants are best for your climate. This site has some great gardening tips on everything from using the right soil to fertilizing and cultivating your garden. Other valuable tips are on choosing between perennial and annual flowers, how to maintain your garden once it is established, and the benefits of organic gardening. With this website, you’ll also find helpful information on which perennials are best, winter gardening tips, and other gardening tips.

Garden Designer: If you’re stuck for ideas, try Garden Designer. Create your own garden using their starter plants and decorative planting guides. You can choose plants, plantings and other landscape designs. Create an indoor/outdoor oasis with their wonderful selection of trees, shrubs and bushes. Create a garden oasis complete with a built-in sprinkler, birdbath and a built-in fountain.

Gardening Made Easy: The site also offers a number of gardening ideas, including how to select the best starter plants and planting containers. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to grow your own herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Learn how to prepare and plan meals for your family using the information on their online gardening store. Create your very own vegetable garden using their informative starter plant guide. With detailed information about when and how to plant vegetables, tomatoes, herbs, fruit and more, Garden Design gives you the green thumb advantage you’ve been looking for.

GreenMountain cultivator is another excellent site that provides useful information on how to take care of and grow many types of starter plants. The site provides tips on finding the right plants and other gardening subjects including pests and diseases. Planting a garden is easy once you have the right starter plants, and GreenMountain delivers. Their starter plants are free and the site has hundreds of different varieties of flowers, shrubs, and vegetables to choose from. Starting with one of their starter plants is simple and you’re ready to get gardening.