Growing Basil in Pots

Growing basil in pots is an excellent way to easily grow a bountiful, gorgeous crop. Growing zucchini from a hanging basket or other container is also a good way to cultivate plenty of fresh summer-grow tomatoes. Growing cucumbers well is tricky, but with 8 useful tips for growing cucumbers indoors in pots, you’re sure to have a healthy, beautiful crop year-round. Get started right away: These easy gardening tips will get you started on your way to a successful and beautiful indoor vegetable garden.

Citrus plants thrive in full sunlight, so provide the right amount of exposure at all times. If your potting soil has become over-watered, simply add more. If your pots no longer receive direct sunlight, then soak the leaves to restore moisture levels. You don’t want your herbs and veggies to dry out!

These tips for growing basil in pots are great for all types of climates; those with intense sunlight, those that need a little bit of shade, and those that prefer a bit of a frost-free environment. It really doesn’t matter what type of climate you live in, as long as the weather meets your expectations. Your container garden can go throughout most seasons, but it’s usually best to have an established planting of mint, parsley, and basil before the start of spring.

You should remove any existing leaves on your plants to prevent them from becoming moldy. After pruning, you should clip any stems that may have already broken off. You can also pinch off the seeds if they have already sprouted. Be sure to wear gloves when touching the plants because some of the leaves might be green or red from the plant oils, and you don’t want to eat any green pepper that has been eaten by your children!

Water your garden according to the instructions on the plant’s instruction leaflet. During the hot, dry summer months, keep your plants well watered with a sprinkler head while the leaves are not blooming. As the plants begin to bloom, you can water them every other day, but only if the soil is dry. Watering on a daily basis is not necessary, but it does help the plant to spread out.

When you’re ready to try growing basil in pots, there are a few varieties that are easier than others to care for. Basil and Rosemary are both Mediterranean plants, and both love a sunny location. Rosemary’s favorite spot is a south facing window, but all plants do well in areas with slightly less shade. Mint can grow successfully in almost any area, as long as there is moisture in the air. Mint can get really big, so if your garden is not that large, don’t despair – you can easily space it out.

To start your basil plant growing conditions, you will need to buy some pots that are large enough to hold at least one or two of your favorite herbs. After buying your pots, remember to rinse and wipe the leaves thoroughly before putting them into the pots. If the herbs have not had time to grow in their pots, remember that you can water them a couple of times each day, but you should only do this a few times each month. When watering, make sure you water deeply and make sure that the soil is well-drained. Most herbs like moist soil, but mint and Rosemary like a dry soil.

In addition to the basil plant growing conditions that I have given you above, remember to give them some light during the day. They need at least six hours of sunlight each day, but the best thing you can do is to cover them up during the winter months. If your home has a balcony, or if your windows are east or west facing, let the sweet basil flower flow down the windowsill, or hang them on a line. They will still taste good, but will be protected from the sun.