Important Features of a Leak Proof Container

Growing lettuce is easy in a water-tight lettuce container. The lid of the container sags down to provide steady support as the plant grows. The inner ring of the lettuce container has narrow plastic bends for holding water away form the lettuce. The lid has ridged edges and a back hinge for a sturdy produce container which remains intact during transportation, opening, and closing. The inner ring also provides support to the bulb of the lettuce plant through the thick, cured bottom of the container.

When the weather gets warm, pull the inner lid of the container off so that it can air out. This will let go of some of the humidity which can be held in the plastic wrapping. Just be sure to replace the lid when the weather turns cold. Also, check the plants every couple of weeks during the growing season to see if they are growing well. If not give them some water or mist them with water from a hose. They should retain a good amount of moisture.

A good guide to help you in how to plant vegetables in a lettuce container includes the following highlights. One, be sure to buy a plastic that is sealed and air tight. Two, select a size that best fits your typical family of four. Three, choose a dark colored plastic so that the plant can get the full use of light and avoid overheating. Four, make sure the bottom of the holder is at a level that is equal to the height of the holder or the plant could slide off.

To keep lettuce fresh and crisp, remove the leaves at the end of each growing day. It is beneficial to remove all the leaves because they will lose their crispness faster than any other part of the plant. It is also important to remove all the leaves at the beginning of refrigerator storage to avoid wilting. If you store your produce at the fridge, remove the leaves at the start of every three days to prevent wilting.

Lettuce containers for freezing can also be used as an alternative to air-tight plastic fruit and vegetable containers. There are many products on the market today that are packed tight, but are very fragile when exposed to air. These types of containers, especially those that are made of clear plastic, can be purchased in bulk at a good price. Using these containers will help keep your vegetables or fruits fresh during the long winter months.

The benefits of using lettuce and green leafy vegetables are endless. They make excellent additions to a variety of salads, soups, side dishes and desserts. When stored properly these containers will retain much of their crispness throughout the year. This means you won’t have to go through the bother of thawing them out every few weeks. Lettuce container products also provide an added level of convenience. Green containers for storing your fruits and vegetables allow you to grab and go as soon as you want your favorite dishes.

Another important feature of a container is providing a water reservoir. The majority of these products have a built in water reservoir that keeps the contents fresh. One of the best ways to preserve vegetables or fruits is to add a little bit of water every few days. A built in water reservoir is an added convenience because it allows you to be able to serve your favorite dishes without worrying about whether they will stay fresh until you serve them.

Cleaning a storage container is a breeze. Most have removable interior liners which make cleaning easy. Simply remove the liner and wash away. Leaving the liners alone will let any leftover food particles loose which can become a huge clog. Another great feature of these containers is that they are dishwasher safe. Using these containers is the perfect solution for preserving your produce and eliminating any potential food poisoning.