Indoor Herb Garden Planters For Easy Growing Season

Many people who have decided to get into the great outdoors and try their hand at gardening wonder how to plant indoor herb gardens. How difficult can it be? Simply pick the herb of your preference such as indoor wall, hanging, tabletop or ground type herb garden units with artificial sunlight, voila! You’re all set to go!

What’s nice about indoor herb garden planters is that it allows you to get better gardening experience with your own garden in the comfort of your home. But how would you know which herbs you should pick for your mini garden? Well, if you’re having trouble deciding on what type of herbs to pick for your mini garden, then it might be time for an indoor herb garden guide. That’s right, we’re going to give you some indoor herb garden tips here to help you choose which herbs to use in your mini garden.

The first indoor herb garden planters we’ll be showing you is hanging baskets. Why use hanging baskets? They provide good coverage for your plants but they don’t have to be positioned on the windowsill. Simply place them on a windowsill and they will grow into a beautiful arrangement!

The next indoor herb garden planter we’re going to show you is the denim herb planters. Why not use the denim planters for your herb plants? They look pretty and they’re small. The best thing about these planters is that you can move them around the house where ever you need them. What’s great about the denim planters is that they have a hole in the bottom. This means that you can put your herbs right inside your kitchen cabinet door.

The third item we’re going to talk about is the Clay pots. There are so many kinds of pots you can get. The main thing is that you get the one that’s appropriate for your indoor garden. One of your options would be the wire mesh herb garden planters. These are small clay pots made specifically to fit into a window box or windowsill.

A fourth indoor planter would be the indoor vertical planter. You can mount your clay pot on the wall in your kitchen. Just make sure the holes in the bottom are covered with a water resistant matting. The mesh side of the pot is just the right size for placing your herbs right in your kitchen. The only problem with the clay pots is that it’s hard to keep clean.

The fifth idea I’m going to share with you is the indoor garden tray. You can mount your clay pots on the wall in your kitchen. Just make sure the holes in the bottom are covered by a water-resistant matting. The mesh side of the pots is great for putting your fresh herbs in, but the clay pots are hard to keep clean. For this reason, the clay pots are usually the best choice for an indoor garden tray.

The final suggestion we have for your indoor gardening needs is a good old fashioned pot and planter. A traditional pot and planter consist of two bowls filled with water and either a plastic base or a plastic tray filled with gravel or soil. Your pots sit on the tray and gravity pulls the water out through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. The self-watering clay trays consist of tiny holes in the top of the pot. The water slowly seeps in and out of the tiny holes to stay fresh and your herbs grow healthy in the nutrients rich soil.