Indoor Self Watering Herb Garden Tips

Having an indoor herb garden can be great fun to do. There are so many indoor gardening herbs you can try and grow for you. Some indoor herbs are very hardy and can take a lot of punishment from your gardener. Others like the Mediterranean prefer to be in environments that are more tropical in nature. Here are some indoor herb pots tips on how to best go about it.

The first thing you should consider is how much water you have available to you. For most indoor gardens you have enough rain fall and dew to keep them hydrated. If your indoor garden gets more than three inches of rain per week then your plants will be much happier indoors if you use an indoor dew tray. There are also outdoor garden dew trays available. Most indoor gardening experts will tell you that an indoor garden fountain works better in humid or wetter climates.

Next you will want to get your indoor pots and other supplies. Your indoor gardening tools can be found at any hardware or home improvement store. Your indoor gardening tools will vary depending on what type of indoor garden you are planning on starting. For example, indoor herb pots will be different from those used for vegetables or fruits. So the indoor gardening tools you use will also be different.

Other things to remember is to make sure that all of your pots and supplies are up to par with your indoor gardening needs. The last thing you want is to get your indoor gardening supplies on the house clean, but then realize that you can not water the plants because they are too small. That can be a big hassle. So make sure you check and make sure your indoor gardening supplies are in good working condition before you plant your first herb garden. Use your common sense and good judgment.

If you are new to indoor herb gardening you may want to start off with one type of indoor gardening then move onto another as your experience grows. If you plan on planting perennials, you should buy pots and other supplies that are larger than you would normally use. This way you will have more growing room. Also, the perennial herbs will have more time to grow before you have to change them out.

It does take some work to keep your indoor plants healthy and happy. You will need to water your indoor garden at least two times a day, if not more. Some experts recommend an automatic irrigation system to do this job. These are inexpensive and can easily be set up.

Another indoor gardening tool you will need is a hydrometer. A hydrometer is basically a special device that measures how much water your indoor plants are getting per gallon of water. For best results you should check your indoor plants at least twice a week. You should also empty and clean your indoor containers at least once a week. This will prevent disease and keep your indoor plants looking great.

Keep in mind that not all indoor gardening tools are created equal. So before buying any of the indoor gardening tools, check to make sure it has the following features: non-slip handle, sturdy base, non-marring finish, non-toxic material, smooth operation, easy operation, durable, easily maintained. Look for quality products that are backed by a good warranty. If you are unsure about which indoor gardening tools you need, ask a gardening friend what he or she would recommend. You might be surprised at what you find out!