Five Steps To Grow A House Plant Food Garden

African Violets originally came from east Africa and later on, from Tasmania in Australia. Their beautiful, luscious green foliage, narrow spreading habit, large number of long flower blooms and their large variety of flower colors have earned them the reputation as the world’s most popular indoor flowering houseplant. There are about 1500 species worldwide. These […]

Best Soil For Tomatoes in Container Gardening

The best soil for tomatoes in a container is always a loose, moist soil such as silt-free sand or perlite. Sand provides the best source of air and water for root growth and allows for deeper penetration of composted matter to nourish the roots. Loam is a good medium for this purpose. It keeps moisture […]

Organic Gardening Tips: What Are the Best Ways of Growing Your Vegetables?

Organic gardening guide can be very helpful in establishing an organic garden. The most important part of the organic gardening process is of course selecting the proper organic plants for your organic garden. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, or herbs; the same rule applies. It’s important to select plants that are […]

Espoma Organic Fertilizer Lawn Starter – Is It Really The Best?

The Espoma Organic Fertilizer comes in a variety of forms. Available as a spray, granular, or liquid form, it is also widely known as a green eco-friendly fertilizer. The Espoma Organic Fertilizer can be used as a lawn starter by spraying onto the lawn and then left to sit. This method is very convenient and […]

Indoor Herb Garden Planters For Easy Growing Season

Many people who have decided to get into the great outdoors and try their hand at gardening wonder how to plant indoor herb gardens. How difficult can it be? Simply pick the herb of your preference such as indoor wall, hanging, tabletop or ground type herb garden units with artificial sunlight, voila! You’re all set […]

Why Grow Vegetables in Your Garden in the Spring?

Growing your own veg at home is truly a joy. There’s the satisfaction of harvesting your own homegrown fresh ingredients, and the fresh tasting food you’ll receive from whatever you harvest from a commercial store. And for those of you who don’t have the space for a large vegetable patch, veg planter boxes are an […]

What Is the Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plants?

If you’re growing happy, healthy indoor plants, having the best liquid fertilizer(s) is a given. The sort of indoor plant you have will often dictate what sort of liquid fertilizer is best to use to having the best liquid fertilizer isn’t just about giving plants their nutrients in the fastest possible time. Indoor plants don’t […]

Raised Bed Designs – A Great Way to Improve Your Home

Choosing a Raised Bed Designs. Just like any other type of garden bed, your raised bed requires certain basic designs for maximum productivity. Raised beds are similar to a garden in so many ways, except that it usually has more of a purpose. Raised beds can either be a permanent piece of your landscape, or […]