The Benefits of Using Organic Seed Companies

Organic seeds can be an integral part of eco-friendly organic gardening efforts. Not only is it sure that your organic seeds aren’t filled with toxic GMOs and other chemicals, but you can also help support various great organic companies too. It s pretty easy to locate organic seeds these days, whether at dollar and grocery […]

Azalea Gardening – The Best Part About Garden Fertilizer For Azaleas

If you are looking for a good organic fertilizer for your garden, high phosphorus can be a good choice. This is the most common kind of fertilizer that is used for gardens and farms. Azaleas and spinach are some plants that need this kind of fertilizer. Read on further to find out how to plant […]

What Is Ellogg Organic Potting Soil?

In the Land of Ellogg, you’ll find Ellogg Organic Potting Soil. This is a great mix of soil for starting out new plants and a completely organic alternative to chemical fertilizers. The mix includes wood chips, grit, earthworms, sea weeds, composted bark, and many other naturally-based ingredients that will benefit your plants. It also contains […]

Best Fertilizer For Indoor Plants

Yes, using a top-quality fertilizer for indoor plants is essential. Fertilizer not only helps your indoor plants grow big and strong, it also ensures that they remain happy and healthy. Indoor plants can be among the greatest things to bring into your home and to enhance the atmosphere and decor of your abode. Indoor gardening […]

How to Start Growing Indoor Lettuce From Seeds

How to plant indoor lettuce is one of the most popular indoor gardening questions asked by eager gardeners. Most people believe that a shortage of space means that you cannot grow your produce in an indoor environment. However, there’s no reason to believe that you just can’t grow whatever you want to grow indoors – […]

How to Plant Septicot and Cucumber Seeds in August and September

July is a good month to begin growing your own vegetable garden. Whether you choose to do it yourself or sowing seeds, we have some helpful gardening tips on how to grow seeds in July which will assist you in increasing your yields. Growing vegetables is an inexpensive way to add a little bit of […]

How to Choose the Five Most Important Vegetables to Grow in Garden Beds – Easy Gardening Tips

Some vegetables are easier to grow than others. Some vegetables grow better in some climates than in others. Some vegetables have more nutritional value than others. And some vegetables just taste better! Knowing how to grow vegetables will give you many opportunities for a more abundant harvest. But there is a right way and wrong […]

What Are Indoor Plant Food?

Plants require a certain amount of nutrients each day and it’s the job of indoor plant food to make sure they get all they need. Plants in an indoor greenhouse grow in their own special environment and cannot be exposed to the same harsh elements that outdoors plants are accustomed to. However there are some […]

Raised Beds: Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Raised Beds

There are several tomato plant guides and other tomato gardening tips that can be useful for growing tomatoes in raised beds. These tomato plant guides can help you avoid common mistakes and grow a healthy tomato garden. A tomato plant guide will also help you see the benefits of growing tomatoes in a raised bed. […]