Seed Saving Tips – How to Save Seeds for Later Season

If you have just started growing your own garden, there are some important vegetable garden tips that you must consider. One of these is about the different ways on how to grow vegetables in your garden. A common problem among new gardeners is not knowing which methods are the best for their gardens. The following list outlines common vegetable garden plants’ modes of reproduction and the tips on how to grow vegetables that are self-pollinated.

Vegetables that are self pollinate are safe to use in any kind of food preparation and do not need to be added with fertilizers to make them grow faster. Non-self-flowering varieties are vulnerable to cross pollination by plants of the same species. That is, if two varieties of tomatoes bloom near each other, then the resulting seed is bound to be a cross between them.

This cross is actually what gives the seeds its characteristic smell. However, the smell fades as the plant grows, making the taste and scent less pungent. In case of the native soil vegetable, you can make sure that the plant will grow into a healthy plant by planting it in a well-drained, slightly acidic soil.

You should also consider the fact that some varieties of plants are sensitive to cold or heat. So you should provide them with adequate protection from adverse weather conditions during the time of planting. To ensure their health, you should put protective barriers like rockery around the seed saving area. As for shade, you can plant tall growing plants like marigolds that naturally block the sun. For seed saving purposes, you can dig small holes inside the ground around the seed saving pit.

In addition to providing protection and shade, there are other practical preparations that your local garden center can provide for you. Some common vegetables that need special attention when planted in an area with low sunlight are the sunflower and the radish. The sunflower needs full sunlight so that its flowers will blossom successfully. If you plant it under a shade cloth, you should make sure that there are spaces between the plants so that it can get the required amount of sunlight to keep it healthy.

Your garden center can also help you a lot when it comes to weed control. Most of these shops have specially formulated weed killers for specific kinds of plants. You can also ask them for help regarding controlling weeds in your area. They usually have several kinds of herbicides for sale that can control unwanted weeds in your garden.

Peony root is another useful herb that is most commonly used in China. It is a perennial flowering plant that blooms during summer. This type of plant can easily grow in your backyard if you know how to plant it properly. Because it requires partial sunlight, peony plants do well in areas that get lesser sunlight. This is the reason why planting peony in areas that receive less sunlight than the usual are more ideal. However, peony cannot be planted in places that already have too many weeds because it will not grow at all.

There are also several flower bulbs that can be planted as starter plants in your garden. These types of plants usually grow fast and mature in just two years. Flowering tomatoes, chrysanthemums, tulips, and daffodils are some examples of early bloomers. All you have to do is to wait for their flower buds to appear and plant them in the right spots in your garden. You can always plant flowers next to each other or in rows if you plan ahead and have the right location.