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How to Make Your Own Potting Soap

When you start an indoor gardening at home, it is essential for you to know how to pot your plants first before you transfer them outside. This is one of the most important indoor plants tips and will help you in having better results from your indoor gardening. Good indoor plant growing tips include having […]

Growing Romaine Lettuce Indoors

Growing romaine lettuce indoors can be a rewarding experience for anyone who is willing to put in a bit of work. By following a few easy indoor gardening tips, you will be able to successfully grow a delicious salad in your home. You will have indoor plants to be proud of, and be able to […]

Best Natural Insecticides For Indoor Plants

If you are thinking of introducing orchids indoors, you must be looking for some indoor plant pest control tips. Your indoor plants need to be protected from any pest and diseases. It is important to protect your indoor plants from dust, dirt and other indoor plant pests. Some of the most common pests that affect […]

Learn More About Fish Fertilizer For Indoor Plants

Many beginners tend to disregard the question of fish fertilizer for indoor plants, thinking it’s a waste of time and effort to try to fertilize the plants in their houseplants. Some even think it’s a waste of money and don’t do it at all. This attitude is definitely not helpful when you really need to […]

How To Grow Greens Indoors

Growing Lettuce and Spinaches Indoors It really isn’t that hard to plant Lettuce and Spinaches indoors. These healthy, low-maintenance plants thrive well in a well-lit environment. You can even grow loose-leaf lettuce (such as Summer Crisp, Iceberg, & Rose Hip) indoor. But do not try to grow crisphead varieties (as they are very large and […]

Caring For Your Edible Indoor Plants

Indoor gardening is not only beautiful, but can be very convenient and healthy for your indoor plants. If you are a novice gardener, then you will want to follow some edible indoor plants tips that can help you maximize your indoor plants growing space and improve the overall production of your indoor plants. A popular […]

How To Fertilize Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are generally easier to care for than some outdoor plants. They’re also a good choice if you live in temperate climates with little or no yard space to develop an outdoor garden. When choosing an indoor plant, however, there are some key qualities to consider and that also applies to when selecting a […]

Selecting The Best Indoor Plant Food

Indoor Plant Food for your indoor plants can be found in almost any garden center or home gardening store. Just about all of them are pretty much the same. There is also some Indoor Plant Foods that you should not feed your indoor plants. Indoor plant food contains nutrients that your plants need in order […]

Growing Salad Greens Indoors – 5 Tips For Harvesting Fresh Green Vegetables Indoors All Year Long

When you are growing salad greens, you have to be sure that they get enough moisture. However, moisture alone does not always provide a healthy and vibrant crop of vegetables. To ensure that your greens get all the moisture they need, you have to make sure that the pots you use for them are well […]

Soil For Indoor Plants

Making your very own soil for indoor plants can sound difficult, but actually it s super easy! This organic blend only has three components and is ideal to use for indoor gardening. But even if you do not have cacti or succulents, they also need a special indoor medium. I will discuss how to plant […]