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Organic Gardening Tips – 9 Great Tips For Planting a Natural Organic Garden Soil Garden

It doesn’t matter what type of garden you have, whether it’s a vegetable garden, flower garden or a fruit and vegetable garden, you really can’t do without just natural organic potting soil. Organic gardening tip number one is that you need to go with the natural organic soil and not some chemically enhanced potting soil. […]

Garden Compost – What You Should Know About Making Your Organic Compost Work For You

Organic composting is the breakdown of organic matter into compost. It is a natural and environmentally friendly way to recycle unwanted waste material. In organic composting, organic matter is broken down into small particles that become part of the organic soil’s humus. This humus protects the roots of plants from being damaged by the compacted […]

Organic Caterpillar Control

Organic caterpillar control is possible if you know how to plant organic garden. When we say organic caterpillar control, it is not entirely true because some caterpillars do have an organic alternative – they can be made into compost by the organic gardeners. This organic gardeners compost can be used to make a tiller for […]

The Advantages of Using an Organic Seed Catalog

Are you searching for information on a local organic garden seed catalog? What a great place it is to learn about organic gardening tips and how to plant an organic garden. There are many benefits for both you and the environment from growing our own food in our gardens. These benefits include better crops, more […]

Best Organic Soil For Vegetable Garden

Organic soil is the best organic fertilizer. It helps you to grow your plants in a healthy and appealing environment. But, when choosing the organic soil for your organic gardening needs, there are so many factors that should be taken into account. So, what are some of these factors? The following organic gardening tips will […]

Certified Organic Seedlings Vs Non-Certified Seedlings

Organic Seedlings is a large wholesale nursery which grows and sells a wide variety of organic vegetable and herbal seedlings to both the South Beach and Monterey Bay Areas. It specializes in growing vegetables, herbs and fruits which are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Organic Seedlings promotes organic gardening methods, […]

Organic Soil – Putting it to Good Use

How to plant an organic tomato garden can be simplified down into a few simple steps: Purchase or build a large compost bin where you will place your seeds. Place the seedlings inside and add some organic fertilizer. Keep the lid on to ensure moisture doesn’t stagnate. Water your plants daily – about once or […]

Organic Fertilizer For Plants – Your Miracle-gro

Use an organic or compost fertilizer for growing plants. It’s no secret that chemicals in commercial fertilizers cause major damage to the environment. Most importantly, the chemicals absorb nutrients. Soils and crops are often stripped of those important minerals during the application of commercial fertilizers. Research indicates that there’s very little magnesium remaining in depleted […]

Organic Mushroom Compost – Make Your Soil Produce Nutrients Easily

Mushroom compost made from your harvested earthworm waste is an effective organic soil additive which improves soil structure, increases moisture retention, and provides beneficial nutrients to plant life. The nutrient-rich organic soil solution is a beneficial option for organic gardening enthusiasts looking to improve their organic garden soil, obtain larger harvests from their organic garden, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Planting Organic Garden Soil

Your first step as a new organic gardener is to ensure that your organic garden soil is highly optimized for growing your favorite plants. You can test the soil yourself with a simple home testing kit which will tell you nutrient and pH levels. If you do not test the soil yourself, you should visit […]