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The Benefits of Indoor Herb Pots

How to plant indoor herb pots: provide good lighting for your herbs. The temperature should be between 70-80 degrees. A frequent, slow watering is best. Choose the right herb plants for your indoor herb garden. Make sure that you use a soil that is well-drained, if the soil is too dry it will not be […]

Indoor Herb Garden Planters For Easy Growing Season

Many people who have decided to get into the great outdoors and try their hand at gardening wonder how to plant indoor herb gardens. How difficult can it be? Simply pick the herb of your preference such as indoor wall, hanging, tabletop or ground type herb garden units with artificial sunlight, voila! You’re all set […]

How to Use Your Garden to Grow Companion Plants

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is often thought of as a “companion plant.” Unlike its siblings, however, basil doesn’t take up much of the household time. So, it’s important to know that basil companionship plants work best with each other to ensure optimal indoor plant growth. This is a guide of 7 ideal basil companion plants to […]

Fertilizing Herbs – Which Herbs Need Fertilization?

You need to know the basics about herb gardens before you start applying fertilizer. Herb gardens are not just for plants, they are also beneficial to humans because they help with many different aspects of health. They improve digestion, help control the body temperature, provide nutrients and minerals to the soil, as well as ward […]

Best Soil For Herbs Indoors

Best Soil For Herbs Indoors is a topic being sought after and loved by numerous netizens today. In these page, have plethora of pictures available. Like png, jpeg, animated gifs, jpg, symbol, photo, etc. If you are looking for Best Soil For Herbs Indoors topic, you must first visit the best internet site. If you […]

The Best Gardening Gifts For indoor Herb Garden Pots

Planting herbs in indoor herb garden pots requires much thought and planning. Your choice of the articles not entirely depend on your choice of herbs. There’s another factor which works equally well and that’s noting on what plants you choose but also that of potting materials. For instance, rosemary, a common aromatic herb which is […]

How To Plant Herbs In Pots

Gourmet cooking is a necessity these days, and one of the best ways to achieve it is through using quality kitchen herb pots. Herbs add flavor to food and also provide a boost of aroma when picked fresh. Cooking with herbs is easy and with the right kind of tools, it is also fast and […]

How To Plant Herbs From Seed To Start Your Own Garden

It is my sincere belief that the world’s population suffers a tremendous amount due to stress. Herb participants often find themselves in stressful situations where their herb garden has either suffered damage or is in need of some tender loving care. Many participants have experienced loss of productivity because of these situations and believe strongly […]

What’s the Best Plant Food For Herbs?

If you want to cultivate a number of different herbs with different colors, shapes and textures in your indoor herb garden, then you have to be aware of the best plant food for herbs. For example, basil has beautiful flowers but needs much more nutrients than other herbs. Rosemary has lovely leaves but very little […]

Best Companion Plants For Your Kitchen Garden

Companion planting is a method of cultivating plants together for the purpose of increasing healthy, robust, disease free plants. By cultivating herbs with other plants you are able to save valuable space, and increase the quality of your harvest. Companion planting will benefit your garden in so many ways but mainly in the following ways. […]