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Organic Soil – Putting it to Good Use

How to plant an organic tomato garden can be simplified down into a few simple steps: Purchase or build a large compost bin where you will place your seeds. Place the seedlings inside and add some organic fertilizer. Keep the lid on to ensure moisture doesn’t stagnate. Water your plants daily – about once or […]

Organic Fertilizer For Plants – Your Miracle-gro

Use an organic or compost fertilizer for growing plants. It’s no secret that chemicals in commercial fertilizers cause major damage to the environment. Most importantly, the chemicals absorb nutrients. Soils and crops are often stripped of those important minerals during the application of commercial fertilizers. Research indicates that there’s very little magnesium remaining in depleted […]

Organic Mushroom Compost – Make Your Soil Produce Nutrients Easily

Mushroom compost made from your harvested earthworm waste is an effective organic soil additive which improves soil structure, increases moisture retention, and provides beneficial nutrients to plant life. The nutrient-rich organic soil solution is a beneficial option for organic gardening enthusiasts looking to improve their organic garden soil, obtain larger harvests from their organic garden, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Planting Organic Garden Soil

Your first step as a new organic gardener is to ensure that your organic garden soil is highly optimized for growing your favorite plants. You can test the soil yourself with a simple home testing kit which will tell you nutrient and pH levels. If you do not test the soil yourself, you should visit […]

Espoma Organic Potting Mix – What You Should Know About It

Espoma Organic Potting Mix is an excellent high quality, organic potting soil designed especially for organic gardening. It is perfect for organic gardening on a small or large scale. It contains an intensive blend of only the best natural ingredients, which can be found only in Espoma. It’s made up of plant foods such as […]

How To Go About Finding The Best Organic Garden Seeds

Organic gardening, as with other forms of organic gardening, involves using natural and sustainable methods. But then organic gardening does have its own set of organic gardening tips that you should keep in mind when starting out with your organic garden. One tip is to start small – literally! Start off with a couple of […]

Organic Pest Control Tips – How to Get Rid of Pests From Your Organic Garden

Organic gardening is becoming more popular, and with good reason. Organic gardening involves growing food in the way it was originally intended, without using any synthetic pesticides or chemicals. Growing your own organic vegetables is also better for the environment than eating foods grown with the help of pesticides and other chemical additives. If you […]

Organic Gardening – What Is the Difference Between Organic and Non-Organic?

Organic gardening is not only good for the environment; organic foods are also tastier and better for you. It is important to grow organic foods because organic food grows faster and has more nutrients. However, organic foods are more expensive than their non-organic counterparts. The reason organic foods are more expensive is due to the […]

Buying Organic Seed

A common question when people consider organic gardening is “What kind of seeds to use?” Simply put, organic seeds aren’t grown in synthetic systems: instead, traditional seeds are usually grown in natural systems: without harsh pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. Organic seeds are typically grown in organic systems: using natural fertilisers and organic pest control, with […]

Organic Non GMOS Seeds

Organic Non GMOS seeds are the perfect solution for anyone looking for the most organic gardening tips. These organic gardening tips will help you to get more out of your organic gardening experience and to save money while trying to keep your garden healthy. There are a few different organic gardening tips that can make […]