The Best Tomato Plants For Small Gardens

There are probably close to a thousand tomato varieties on the market so the ultimate question is What are the best tomato plants to pick? This article can contain Amazon or other paid links. I am only an occasional contributor to free tomato gardening tips, reviews or advice. If you have suggestions for topics this guide may help, contact me.

Tomatoes come in many varieties, colors, and sizes. Some have larger blossom end pods while others have very small pods with just a little bit of green foliage. Some varieties grow in clusters or in individual plants. All varieties require varying amounts of sun, soil, nutrients, water, and space. The most popular and widely grown varieties are the bell, tomato, grape, and tomato plant. How to pick the best tomato plants can be overwhelming if you do not know what varieties are best suited for your needs.

The tomato plant is one of the easiest varieties to care for when starting out growing your own garden. The most important guideline is watering. Watering requirements vary for each variety. The best tomato plants will tolerate dry conditions better than wetter ones. Most tomato growers find that a 4 inch hole with about a quarter inch of soil will get most tomatoes to about ten inches of height.

The following are a few helpful tips for getting the best tomato plants. These tips will also allow you some leeway so you do not spend too much money or time for indoor tomato garden care. For small garden centers, many of the larger varieties are sold in bulk so you can get the plant for a reasonable price. Most quality tomato varieties are sold in nursery supply catalogs as well.

In southern states such as the south, cool weather is often experienced during the winter months. Most tomato plants will withstand moderate temperatures but it is a good idea to purchase tomato varieties that can handle cooler temperatures. Frost hardy varieties can survive even the frostiest winters. For gardeners who live in an area with mild winters, consider planting tomatoes under larger plantings of other varieties that can handle the extra heat.

Growing tomato plants in containers can be a rewarding way to save money and space. Tomatoes love water so it will benefit you to use a good quality potting soil mix. When planning your tomato growing containers, there are a few important tips to remember. You should always plant them about two to three feet apart so they have plenty of room to grow.

Your tomato plants need good support when growing tomatoes indoors. The easiest way to provide this type of support without a large pot is to build a trellis system. Tomato trellises can be purchased at most garden centers. To make your trellis system look more natural, add some rock or cement to the bottom portion of the pots to hold the trellis in place. Keep in mind that tomato trellises should be tall enough for the plants to grow upwards so make sure they do not exceed six to ten feet in height.

Another consideration for a healthy tomato garden is proper pruning. Mowing your tomato plants will help keep the soil healthy and free from pests and diseases. Mowing can be done on an annual basis or with every other growing season. Some varieties of tomatoes enjoy being left alone to grow in full sun while other varieties prefer to be planted in shaded areas. Some tomato varieties don’t like being planted in full sun and will do better with partial shade. Always follow the guidelines found on the packaging for the best care and handling of your plant.