Tomato Cages – Spiral Tomato Stakes

Spiral tomato stakes are designed for outdoor flowering plants such as the tomato plant. The sturdy spiral tomato stakes are perfect for hanging multiple baskets of fresh tomatoes or herbs. They’re great for growing taller more mature plants in large hanging baskets since they won’t fall over and also they’re great for preventing tomato plant theft. Staking your tomato plants to the ground will provide additional support to avoid your tomato plants from becoming damaged by heavy winds or waterlogged conditions. Tomato stakes that are made of heavy duty wire are sturdy and they won’t bend or break under the weight of the fruit that is contained within.

These spiral tomato stakes come in a variety of sizes and designs to match any type of home landscape design. Some even include an attached planter for those tomato plants that need a bit more space to grow in. Others feature a curved wire support system for a simple yet attractive look. Others feature an inner wire support system for plants that don’t have the potential for fully ripening their own fruit. There is definitely a tomato support tomato stake that is right for any type of home garden.

The best spiral wire tomato holder stands out from the rest by being made of 18 gauge wire. The larger the size of the holder, the wider and deeper the wire will be, making it easier to hang larger tomato bunches or individual tomato fruits. The spiral wire is actually hollow inside which provides a unique design for supporting tomato plants. One end of the spiral wire actually loops around and over a second wire frame which provides even more support for the tomato.

Garden tomato cages can also be purchased in a variety of sizes. Small tomato cages are designed to be used indoors. These tomato cages are often referred to as “pint” or “box style” garden trays. Other tomato cages are designed to be placed outside. They are typically rectangular in shape and are known as “tub” or “trowel style” garden trays.

Tomato cages come in many different materials, including natural hardwood, wrought iron, and steel. There are also plastic or glass tomato cages. Glass and plastic cages offer the benefit of providing a level of insulation against outdoor temperatures and moisture. However, the plastic and glass cages are not well suited to large varieties of tomatoes.

Spiral tomato cages can be purchased online and in brick and mortar stores. Before placing your order, be sure to visit the website to view the product line and read all of the product descriptions. The web can be a great resource for additional information about products, but always remember that all plant equipment is not created equally. If you are considering a particular model, be certain to investigate its construction and how it will hold up under your specific growing conditions.

When you have determined which tomato cages are best for your specific garden need, take some time to browse the website and search out reviews written by other shoppers. It is important to note that while the manufacturer’s website may boast about all of their products being top-of-the line, only the best cages will provide the ultimate results. In addition, most reviews will give a side-by-side comparison of the tomato cages.

One type of tomato cage that will certainly work for you is a “waves back garden tray”. These tomato cages come in both six and five.5 mm thicknesses. They have a removable bottom panel and the top surface is covered in plastic which “waves back” food as it is retrieved. The actual device also features an automatic shut-off system and can hold as many as nine tomato plants. They are made from stainless steel, so they are very durable and easy to clean.