Tomatoes – How to Attach a Tomato Wire Trellis

Tomatoes are the best garden produce in my opinion. Their flavors are subtle and their size fits perfectly in small garden spaces. You can display your tomatoes at any time of the year, if you know how to plant them properly. One of the tomato plant guides I will share with you in this article will give you a few tomato wire trellis tips to get you started. Tomatoes don’t like wet feet so it’s important that you pick a spot that is not going to get wet. Keep the bottom of the trellis dry to ensure a good growing environment for your tomato plants.

There are different types of trellises to choose from but the most popular ones are made out of PVCu. The cheapest are simple flat pieces of PVC pipe attached to a sturdy metal framework. You can even find trellises with a slatted bottom which allows the tomato plant to be supported more efficiently. They are a little bit more sturdy and will be sturdier but they do cost more.

The key to building your tomato wire trellis correctly is to follow the instructions carefully. It will definitely take a little bit of time but it will be worth it in the end. Here are some tomato plant guides I will share with you in this article.

The first step in building your tomato wire trellis is to measure the area you will be using for it. Use a chalk line to mark the spot so you can keep track of where it is exactly. Once you have marked the area, use a pencil to draw a picture of the shape you want. This is an important step in your tomato plant guide so you don’t make any mistakes.

Now that you have your sketch in place, it is time to wire in the support arms. If you haven’t already done so, do a final sanding of the rough spots on the tomato plant guide. This is probably going to be your last step before the assembly of the trellis. The arm pieces should fit snugly against each other so make sure you get them just right. Sandpaper them until they are nice and smooth.

Now that the tomato wire trellis has been assembled, it is time to stake it to the ground. Stake it so that it is centered so the stem of the tomato will be able to grow out. You should have three stakes in each direction: One in the front (where you intend to place the tomato plant), one in the back (for support) and one in the middle. Make sure you anchor your tomato trellis to the ground by wrapping some burlap around the post and then tying another piece of burlap around the post on the other side.

It is time to put your tomato plant into the trellis. Just stand it up and hook the bottom piece of the wire over the tomato plant. The wire should be tied around the tomato plant’s body about an inch above the soil line. The tomato plant should be held securely in place.

Now it is time to water your tomato trellis. Water the trellis only when it seems dry. You don’t want it to dry out while you are hanging your tomato. Also, take care not to over water. Over watering can cause the tomato vine to become weak and it may not grow as well.

After watering your tomato plant, wait a day. Check to see if the tomato vine is growing properly. If it seems to be growing properly, remove the tomato plant from the trellis. Don’t be surprised if the tomato doesn’t grow right away; that’s normal. Just give the trellis a couple of days to grow back.

When the tomato plant grows back, it will be ready for picking. If you intend to pick your tomato plants during the colder months, you can keep your tomato trellis in a partially shade. It will be too cold for your tomato vines to get as much sunlight as they would normally, but you will still be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

One more thing. When you prune your tomato vine, do it before or after you attach the tomato wire trellis to the trellis. The reason is this: when you attach the tomato wire trellis, it will actually make the bottom of the tomato vine grow longer. So, once you have the trellis attached, you can prune the tomato vines down to just the length you want. When they’re no longer growing, just remove them from the tomato wire trellis and move them to a sunny location where they can get as much sun as they need to grow healthy.