What You Need to Know About Soaker Hoses

When you’re looking for tips on how to grow vegetables in your backyard, a soaker hose may be one of the best tools you can invest in. While a standard garden hose is great for getting water from a sprinkler head or hose to various parts of a garden, it’s not exactly ideal for vegetable gardening. They are heavy and bulky, and even when they are filled with water they are difficult to maneuver. A soaker hose for vegetable garden will deliver many advantages for both your vegetable plants and your quality of the produce, being simple to set up and affordable to buy. They are especially well-suited for row-mounted vegetables, as the tight, even spacing and straight, linear design is ideal for cultivating all types of vegetables in a controlled environment.

While vegetable gardeners use them for watering their beds and hanging baskets, they’re also great for getting price savings on garden supplies. While you’re looking for price protection, be sure to look for quality products that won’t be damaged by heavy moisture or splashing from other containers. As an added bonus, checking the label on your soaker hose for the guarantee against damage from overwatering will protect your investment even more.

You can get price protection for soaker hoses in many ways, which is why they are often referred to as “fixed” hoses. The pipes or the tubing that the hose runs through is fixed so it can’t be bent or stretched. This means that you can’t just put your hand in it and wiggle it around like you can with some plastic garden tubing. Even the least expensive hoses come in sizes that will keep them out of the line of sight of children. When you have a small child, you never know what might happen and a broken hose is far better than a replaced hose that can’t be repaired.

An alternative to a fixed hose that still provides soaker hose for vegetable garden usage is a faucet pressure regulator. These work in a similar fashion as your standard faucet pressure regulator, except they have a spout that prevents so much water from getting to the ground. They do this by having a handle that attaches to the faucet, with a handle extending outward. These work best when you have a fountain or other large source of water spraying, but they can provide soaker hose for vegetable garden watering, too.

If you don’t have a faucet pressure regulator with your hose, you can purchase an inexpensive hose that features drip free technology. Like your faucet regulator, the drip free hose lets water drip from the hose so you don’t get moisture all over your hands and the vegetables you are trying to water. These types of hose may cost more, depending on where you get it, but they work well and can provide soaker hose for vegetable gardening, too. These are great for growing transplants as well. It’s just a matter of getting the right size and length for the type of gardening you will be doing, then attaching it to your hose.

If you have an extremely large garden that won’t fit into the above sized holders, you can use pots and planters. These look like larger receptacles for soaker hose, and they work well, too. They hold a good amount of water and usually will be at least six inches deep. The pots themselves can be made from ceramic, stone, wood, or plastic and come in a variety of colors. If you grow very large plants or lots of different vegetables, you’ll want to get pots with holes for draining so you can water each one of them properly.

One thing you can do to get price quotes on garden hose is to look online for companies that will call you or send you a quote by mail. There are dozens of places that will do either of these things, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding something reasonable. You may also check the prices at your local home improvement store, but you should check several places first to get a fair idea of what you can expect.

Some types of soaker hoses have higher water flow rates than others. The higher the water flow rate, the faster the spray will be when you need it. Some people find that they only need a lower rate on their sprinklers or their own hoses so they don’t have to worry about going over budget. The higher-end hoses usually have higher water flow rates and higher spray rates, too, but you will get a better value if you get one of the higher-end hoses if you plan to do a lot of gardening or if you are going to be using a lot of water.